About Us

You may wonder why we care so much about Family History? We care because its been one of the most interesting and liberating experiences. Most think that family history is about the details of the “what’s” and the “who’s” of the days gone by. Indeed, our own family history takes us back to 1828. But its the stories of what’s happened to our loved ones that have the greatest impact.

  • Our mother’s story starts in 1931 where she was born in a remote rural area of Southern Rhodesia. There was nothing when she was born, no roads, no electricity, no nothing. She’s seen the country become the bread basket of Africa, exporting food produce all over the continent. She’s lived through the Rhodesian Bush War and has seen the country collapse under the former president, Robert Mugabe’s rule. So its been an interesting life to document through video and the written word.

  • We often here that people wished they had recorded their own family stories. Video and the spoken word offer’s an insight that has the power to bring back memories; and future generations will connect with their past like never before. We hope that some of the ideas on this website inspire you to document your own family’s stories. Its just too important to let go forever…

* * *