Creating memories in everyday life – A dog’s day out

  • Walking dog by the river

The simplest moments that seem insignificant can have a huge impact as time goes by. The noise of life can often obscure those special moments that we do everyday. That’s the thing about routine… it makes everything seem so normal and before you know it, you realise you missed so many special moments.

Routine make our lives look unremarkable and therefore we tend not to see the beauty in what we do or how special those moments really are. Take our neighbour James for example. History is made now in the present day.Three years ago he and his beloved dog whom he named Packall, would leave the house at 9am everyday and walk down by the river. During those times there was nothing special about it. James was simply taking the dog for a walk. Three years later, Packall is no longer with us. It was a very sad moment for James. He hardly had any photographs of Packall and the only thing he had was his beloved memories.

This example goes a long way towards making the point across much on this website, that history is made now in the present day. Fortunately, three years ago I captured some video footage of Packall. Obviously, we didn’t know back then that this would end up being the only video footage of him. That’s the problem when everyday life seems somewhat unremarkable. You don’t always recognise these simple, but important moments.

There’s no way (obviously) we can go back in time to capture photographs or video footage of Packall. That’s why it needs to be done in the moment. We have many stories like this waiting to be told across this website. Life has a way of moving on and somehow you find yourself having to catch up with reality. The following short film of Packall was captured from his perspective. What was it like for him to go for a walk down by the river… We could have easily filmed the piece from James’s perspective, but capturing it from Packall’s point of view adds to the memory and his character of how much he enjoyed those walks.