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Many people think of family history as something that happened a long time ago. However, we think differently! We believe that history is being made everyday! A photograph captured today will become a valued document in years to come. The achievements of your children captured in the present, whether that be sports, artistic talent, or whatever it is, will become a treasured memory later on in life. For those who are already much older, we can recap those past memories and present them as a truly captivating life story.

1. Discovery

Focusing on one specific area or story is the best way to start. The more you get into one specific area, the more fun it becomes as you unravel the details of the experience. And you’ll quickly discover that the story is in the details.

If the project is something that is happening now (or in the recent past), then now is a good time to chat with us. We have produced a number of stories like this. We forget that moments in our lives are somewhat of a moving window; and after the films were produced, those individuals live’s had moved on to other things. For me at least, it demonstrates how quickly things can change and there really is no time like the present. If your child is doing something exceptional in school (for example), capturing it now is the only way to record the achievement for prosperity.

If your project is something that happened a long time ago and/or is part of a family history project, then chatting with us after you’ve gathered sufficient knowledge will allow us to make meaningful progress. We’d work out the best way of telling your story and making it engaging. Our storytelling process is very thorough and we’ll bring life back to the experiences of those who lived in the days gone by.

2. Packages

We offer a number of ways to use our services. We’ve tried to make it as affordable as possible for families to capture their important life events. Our packages are quite flexible because nearly every family history project is different. The premium option is to have a film produced. A short film of around 3-5 minutes is an amazingly powerful way of capturing the story being told. The prices for this generally start from around £1,850. The exact pricing details needs further discussion. We can also produce much longer films, but the costs involved would reflect this.

A film is a combination of interview footage mixed together with supporting visuals to tell the story. If this is outside your budget, we can produce an audio-only version and supply the interview footage at an additional cost. The costs for this start from around £650.

Finally, we can capture the interview and supply the footage “as is”. All our interviews are professionally lit and have amazing sound quality. The costs start from around £550.

All the options above do not include travel expenses.

You can consider our typesetting services if you have a lot of written text already prepared. We can produce a PDF specifically aimed at a book publishing service. We can attest to the value of having a physical book printed and being able to pull it out from the book shelf.

3. Recording

A shoot day is a lot of fun! Everybody is excited and its even more exciting for those who have not been involved with professional video production before. We set up the interview in a story relevant location and prepare all our sound and lighting. We’ve worked in beautiful large open spaces to the smallest of rooms. So no location is out of our grasp! The interview usually last’s for around 40 minutes. If the story is much bigger then we let the cameras roll on for up to 1.5 hours. It depends on the person and the story…

If we’re making a short film, then we will need additional supporting footage for the story. This means that around half the day is spent capturing video that we’ll need to use in the final edit of the film. We can’t stress highly enough how important this footage is in making a truly captivating experience through film.

Assuming there is enough time, we could also capture some beautiful portraits of the person, and there would be an additional charge for this service.

4. Delivery

The most common request we have is to make the deliverables available via download. We use Dropbox for this and the links we send out automatically trigger a download once clicked. No complicated options on screen, just a simple click and after a few minutes later, its available on your computer. Obviously, we recommend archiving the files in a secure location for safe keeping!

We can also send out USB drives with your files on them. There is a nominal charge for this. These days we rarely get requests for DVDs, but if you needed the production on DVD, we can arrange that too!

5. Series

We know how amazing it is to create a series of films that capture many specific aspects of one’s life. Particularly for the elderly. Through our own experience we know what’s its like to uncover a whole-life story through 23 full-length chapters. The most powerful aspect of this is that the heritage and the stories of the days-gone-by are preserved forever more. Producing something like this is an incredible experience for the interviewee. They surface stories and feelings that get hidden for decades, but the most amazing part is when they hear the edited narrative back for the first time. The editing process means we take out the noise of conversation until you’re left with the bits that really matter. These vital bits offer clues to the connections between events and reveal a truth. This creates an understanding of one’s life that is tremendously profound and special.

You can choose to make many smaller stories to cover the main section’s of one’s life, or go for one huge whole-life story. The costs involved are entirely dependent on the story and would need further discussion.

  • History books of life in the past

  • 1 Connecting with memories of the past

    What is in a memory? Why are memories so important to us? These types of questions constantly pass through my mind as I think about my own life. I think our past and all the experiences we face end up defining who we become. The person I am now is a culmination of all my experiences. But without memories, we can’t measure this progression. And I think there’s something inherent in all of us to connect with the past in some way. For example, seeing a collage of photographs of somebody’s life at a birthday party, somehow creates a deeper connection and understanding of that person. Their memories paint a picture of who they are. That’s how powerful a memory can be. Thus, I think memories are of fundamental importance in our lives. They define us in almost all respects.

  • 2 Gathering family history

    The way to go about recording your heritage is to just start from something specific. You’ll soon get going and before you know it, you will have amassed a lot of information. One of the easiest ways to gather this information is to talk to the relevant family members and record their stories using your mobile phone. It might be with your grandparents, parents and other relatives. Just make sure to backup all your data securely. If you’re looking for something more polished. Then that’s where our services kick in. We can interview loved ones on camera, using professional filmmaking equipment. You’d get a professionally lit interview, with professional sound recording and have all that edited into a beautiful story.

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  • 3 Capture it while there’s time

    All of us lead busy lives and at times, life seems too busy to spend time documenting those special moments. What also gets lost is time to document the stories that get passed down through the generations. All too often I hear people say, “I wish I had written down the stories my parents told me”; or that “I thought I had time but never got round to it”. Invariably, the decision to record or write down these stories is often too late.

  • 4 How we work with you

    Documenting your family’s heritage can be a daunting task. However, depending on how you approach a project like this, it can be made a lot simpler with the right advice. We can advise on cataloguing your family photographs and your home video recordings. Our newly developed storytelling techniques allows us to tell stories that are as complex as someone’s life. These techniques can be used in telling your family’s story. The combination of Hollywood storytelling techniques mixed with our own experiences will give you a masterpiece that your family can cherish for years to come.

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Family History Projects

Here are a few areas that you might start looking at to get your project under way. We have advice at every stage of your journey and if we can, we’d love to help you make the right choices!

    • Project Goals

      Family History projects can get big very quickly. Decide early on what you’d like from the exercise! It may be a book, an audio story or a film.

    • Photo Album

      Gather all your photos together and scan & date them. We can offer the best advice on scanning your photos & documents and how to catalogue them.

    • Research

      Ancestry websites are a wonderful resource for finding out more about your heritage. The smallest details can make a huge difference to your family’s story.

    • Documents

      Any old family history documents you have will help significantly. These can contain details that allow you to search ancestry websites and build a more complete view of your history.

    • Planning

      Once you have a good idea of the photos, documents and old video footage, its time to start to planning and verifying your timelines of your story. This is where we work together to create your keepsake for generations to come.

    • Documenting

      When the planning process is complete, we can help in producing a series of films, or audio books, a photo book, or even a paperback-style book.

Family History Packages

Every family history project ends up being a lot more work than was first thought. We can advise on how to go about fully documenting a loved one’s entire life, or just small but important part of it. We can create an audio-only version that is great for reliving memories on your iPod or in the car; or a film that you can share with the family and future generations in a truly captivating experience. All the recorded video and audio is captured using professional equipment.

  • Film

    Visual Storytelling

    • Help with gathering the elements of your life story
    • Setup a series of interviews recording to camera
    • Setup a series of shoots for video footage
    • Edit the story and export the films as video files
    • All the raw unedited media is handed over to you

    Interviewee with Family History Films

  • Audio Story

    Listen Anywhere

    • Help with gathering the elements of your life story
    • Setup a series of interviews recording to camera
    • Edit the story and export an audio-only version of it
    • All the raw unedited media is handed over to you

    Audio-only stories at Family History Films

Family Stories of the past & present

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