We create educational content to help families learn how to capture & re-live their family memories

We help you by providing new skills to capture and document your family memories and to explore this process with case studies and inspirational insights

Capturing your family memories


You may wonder why we care so much about Capturing Family Memories? We care because it’s been one of the most interesting and liberating experiences. You’ll be glad you took action to record it now! And when it becomes history years down the line, you’ll treasure those memories.


We want to inspire you to capture your memories now!


Lost Moments

We continually hear from others that they wished they had captured their family history while their loved ones were still around.

Take Action

Start recording now!!! Don’t loose any more time… the moment is now!

Learn the process

Ignite your passion! Once your have the Know-How, then you can re-live treasured moments now and for future generations.

Become a champion

There’s always a champion that moves things forward… be that person!

What people are saying


Stories of the past allow others to be transported to a place or time and to re-live incredible memories, whether they be sad or happy. Memories of joy & laughter and memories of experiences are all part of the circle of life.

I just found your channel and i am amazed by all the videos on Rhodesia you have created. I am from Germany and i am highly fascinated by the entire story of Rhodesia, learning about it became almost an obsession. It is very hard to find anything about it here, so ordering English books on the subject and searching the internet for information is all i can do. Your videos provide an unique insight and help me to expand my knowledge a lot. Thank you and keep up your good work!

Hamilkar Barkas,

Great Videos, Thanks a lot, I only heard the other side of the story but never the Rhodesian side.

Junior Thomaz Dhaki,

Moments come and go so quickly!

It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but those few seconds to capture little moments will mean a lot in years to come. That’s when it becomes history! Most think that family history is about the details of the “what’s” and the “who’s” of the days gone by. But it’s the “stories” of what’s happened to our loved ones that has the greatest impact!

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