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  • Family History Documentaries on BBC Wiltshire

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    Over the past week BBC Wiltshire have been talking about photography through their lunch time programmes. I was fortunate to be one of the guest speakers about turning those old photographs into family history documentaries.

  • Creating memories in everyday life – A dog’s day out

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    The simplest moments that seem insignificant can have a huge impact as time goes by. The noise of life can often obscure those special moments that we do everyday. That’s the thing about routine… it makes everything seem so normal and before you know it, you realise you missed so many special moments.

  • The difference that sound makes

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    Sound can make a huge difference to a video production! Its one of those aspects that many people rarely take seriously. So many focus on the visuals that they forget about the other important elements such as story and sound. Here at Family History Films we take story, sound and visuals very seriously!

  • What makes a photograph meaningful?

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    One of the themes you’ll hear a lot about on this blog is “memories”. Memories are part of the fundamental building blocks that makes us become who we are today. In this blog post, we explore memories in terms of photographs and what makes them meaningful.

  • Problems in capturing your old VHS video footage

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    Are you one of those people with priceless old home VHS video footage? I’ve spent a considerable amount of time capturing our old video footage and it occurs to me… that like betamax video recorders, VHS recorders are soon becoming a rarity in people’s homes.

  • Building your family photo album

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    Our lives are filled with photographs and storing these in your family photo album becomes a really important issue. These treasured images represent our most valuable memories. The longer that time elapses, the more valuable those memories become.