Flying to Paradise Island in Mozambique – Rhodesian Lifestyle 1967 – 1969

Project Description

This documentary film provides a look into the flying days of my father in Rhodesia. His pilots license opened up new adventures, including flying to Paradise Island (Santa Carolina) in Mozambique. This period was on the cusp of change as the Bush War gained in intensity and the liberal opportunities in living a Rhodesian lifestyle like no other.

Many of the photos and videos were photographed by family members (featured prominently in this film) during the 1960’s.

00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Flying to Paradise Island
01:20 – The Paradise Island Experience
03:10 – Flying lifestyle in Rhodesia
04:02 – First experience flying solo
04:59 – Flying as a business transportation vehicle in Rhodesia
05:45 – 23 Elephants crossing Lake Kariba

Project Details

  • Rhodesian Lifestyle