Part 2: Challenges in serving the farming community

Project Description

This documentary film provides an insight into what it was like for my parents in serving the dairy farmers during the Rhodesian Bush War. This is the second part in a series of films covering different aspects of the war.

Many of the photos and videos were photographed by my mother and father (featured prominently in this film) during the 1970’s.

00:00 – Introduction
01:17 – Terrorist attack on oil depot in Salisbury
02:16 – Fuel rationing in Rhodesia
03:14 – Safety of workers in rural Rhodesia
04:23 – Precautionary safety measures
05:22 – Workers seeking refuge in the factory
06:49 – Choosing highest priority work
07:22 – Foreign currency for imported materials
08:42 – The dairy industry during the Rhodesian war

Project Details

  • Rhodesian Bush War